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Moscow Metro

The Metro is the core of the public transportation system of Moscow and has the highest volume and intensity of passenger traffic in the world.

The high regulation of traffic, and the safety and reliability of the Moscow Metro is due to the application of cutting-edge technologies which are based on the advanced international experience of the world’s largest transportation companies.



The State Unitary Enterprise "Mosgortrans" is the major surface public transport operator of Moscow and the world's largest transporter of passengers by surface transport.

The vehicles of "Mosgortrans" carry more than 47% of the total surface journeys of the capital, amounting to more than 5 million passengers daily.


Moscow United Energy Company (MOEK)

The activity of "MOEK" is spread through all segments of the power market of Moscow: the production, distribution and marketing of thermal energy and the production of electrical energy.

Providing stable and quality heating to more than two thirds of the capital, "MOEK" is one of the largest and most strategic enterprises of not only Moscow, but also Russia.


Mostransavto,  Passenger Motor Transport Enterprise “Ramenskoye”

The Passenger Motor Transport Enterprise "Mostransavto" provides passenger services in Moscow and the Moscow Region and for inter-regional tourism and excursions.

The "Mostransavto" network consists of 1,224 routes with a total length of 33,800 kilometers and a daily volume of about 2.3 million passengers.


Moscow Railways - Branch of RZhD

The Moscow Railway is the largest rail artery of Russia and is equipped with modern technology with a huge transportation potential.

Every day the Moscow Railway transports more than 520,000 tons of cargo and about 2 million passengers.


Moscow Monorail Transport System

The Monorail Transport System has been incorporated into the Moscow Metro.  This unique transport system consists 5 kilometers of track, six stations and a depot for the maintenance and storage of monorail trains.  An automated fare collection system operated on the Monorail from its first day of operation in November 2004.



KOPEIKA is one of the most rapidly growing national “discounter” networks in Russia.  

The KOPEIKA network includes 448 department stores in 133 cities of 23 regions in Russia. KOPEIKA works with more than 650 Russian and foreign suppliers.

  • Implementation of FI module



EurazHolding is one of the most important Russian suppliers of quality rolled metal products used in construction, industry, transport, hardware and consumer goods. EurazHolding also produces chemical and fireproof products.

At the present time EurazHolding possesses exclusive rights to distribute within the Russian Federation all the production from the Nizhnytagilsky, Western Siberian and Novokuznetskovo metallurgical facilities, and also distribute supplies obtained from foreign markets
  • Implementation of SRM module



Uraltransgaz Ltd. carries out transportation and distribution of blue-sky fuel on the territory of four areas: Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Orenburg.

Under the supervision of the enterprise there are about 8 thousand pipelines, 18 compressor and 241 gas distribution stations.

  • Implementation of STC (Solution for Transport Companies), automation of vehicle fleet management in Maloistokskiy Local Gas Transmission Distribution Facility Company