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Commuter Rail

The Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System  for commuter rail is a model solution for the Russian Federation and CIS countries.  AFC technology is developed on the foundations of advanced technical, technological and organizational solutions, adapted for use in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.
Solves the challenges of:
  • Restricting free entry to and exit from the commuter train platforms
  • Ensuring correct fares are paid
  • Automated accounting of ticketing and passengers on the commuter trains apron
The AFC uses magnetic stripe cards (magnetic tickets) and contactless smart cards that meet the requirements of international standards.
AFC System comprises:
  • Travel documents subsystem
  • Station System
  • Collecting and transmitting data subsystem
  • Processing centre
Station System includes:

  • Points of Sale
  • Turnstiles and Validators
  • Station LAN

Station controller and automated workstation for the dispatcher.