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Surface Transport

The Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System  for surface passenger transport is a turnkey solution for all regions of the Russian Federation. AFC technology is developed on the foundations of advanced technical, technological and organizational solutions in the field of public transport, adapted for use in Russia.
Solves the challenges of:
  • Accounting for the benefits of providing public transport
  • Financing transport operators on actual data of the amount of passenger transport provided
  • Improving fare collection
  • Reducing the rate of expenditure of regional public transport budgets
The AFC System uses magnetic stripe cards (magnetic tickets) and contactless smart cards Mifare ® Standard 1K and Mifare ® Ultralight.

AFC System Comprises:
  • Travel documents subsystem
  • Ticketing subsystem
  • Ticket control and “top-up” subsystem
  • Data collecting and transmitting subsystem
  • Processing centre

The methodology of the system implementation, including acceptance by passengers, has been confirmed by the experience of Moscow and the Moscow region.

AFC System fully implements the functionality of regional “electronic government” in the public transport sphere, in accordance with the concepts of the regional information technology project, developed by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of the Russian Federation, including:

  • monitoring and analysis of the availability and quality of transport services;

  • support of decision-making in the development of public transport, tariffs and levels of budgetary requirements for the relevant programmes and projects and financial support to transport operators.