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Ticket Vending Machine


The Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) is designed for use by subway passengers for self-service ticketing.  It works with contactless smart cards MIFARE ® Ultralight, as well as MIFARE ® Standard 1K.

The TVM is rated for around-the-clock operation without permanent supervision by personnel.

The TVM provides the following operations:

  • Choice, coding and issuing of Ultralight paid tickets in accordance with AFC technology;
  • Reading, extending (replenishment services) and issuing Transport Cards after fare payment in accordance with AFC technology;
  • Operating with cash (banknotes and/or coins), verifying banknote authenticity;
  • Counting and issuing of change (if necessary) in coins or banknotes;
  • Registration of operations in non-volatile memory;
  • Accumulation of accounting for receipts;
  • Information service on the screen during payment;
  • Transfer of recorded sales data to AFC Central Data Base;
  • Monitoring of work performance of TVM. 

Key characteristics:


900 x 2000 x 550 mm
300 kg