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Turnkey Implementation

Smart Technologies Group has a comprehensive stock of Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Systems that can be implemented on a turnkey basis.

The work performed by the Company includes:
  • Survey of the route network and passenger transport operators of the city

  • Development of technical specifications for the project

  • Supply, installation, adjustment and testing of the AFC equipment

  • Installation, configuration and testing of software

  • System Implementation including:

    • Preparation of organizational and teaching materials relating to the implementation and ongoing work;

    • Preparation of recommendations for ticketing system modifications;

    • Preparation and conduct of an information campaign;

    • Refinement and modification of software in accordance with the additional requirements of the Customer;

  • Putting the system in operation including:

    • Preparation of transport operator and training of operating personnel;

    • Preparation of plans and materials for an information campaign along the route and on the vehicle;

    • “Going live” and moving the operation of the route network onto the AFC System;

    • Training of the launching teams, controllers, trainers and drivers to ensure the most rapid adaptation of passengers;

  • Warranty and after-warranty service