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Zelenograd Avtokombinat

Zelenograd is a satellite city of Moscow with a population of 210,000 and is currently in the Metropolitan Administrative Region.

Zelenograd Avtokombinat operates 165 buses on 23 routes carrying more than 195,000 passengers daily.

The routes of the Zelenograd Avtokombinat have been equipped with the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System since February 2001. This increased fare collection by more than 2 times and permitted concession fare accounting and optimization of rolling stock management.

The AFC System of Zelenograd Avtokombinat includes: 

  • 165 buses;
  • 5 point of sale;
  • depot system.

The Zelenograd Avtokombinat AFC System is a"closed" type fare collection system (free access to the passenger compartment is restricted) with the following features:

  • Boarding through the front door of vehicle only with valid ticket;
  • Automated fare collection on boarding;
  • Free exit from the passenger compartment through all doors except the front.

After the Zelenograd Avtokombinat was incorporated into MOSGORTRANS the two AFC Systems were fully integrated with each other.