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Implementation of Automated Fare Collection System in Ramenskoye Passenger Motor Transport Enterprise

Ramenskoye is a regional city, part of the Moscow Oblast, and is the administrative centre of Ramenskiy District, with a population of 84,400.

"Ramenskoye" Passenger Motor Transport Enterprise (PMTE) provides transportation services in Ramenskoye city and the Ramenskiy District.

"Ramenskoye" PMTE operates 7 urban routes in Ramenskoye city and 25 suburban routes.  Every day 85 buses go out on the network. The daily number of passengers exceeds 37,000.

The Automated Fare Collection System was installed in "Ramenskoye" PMTE from November 2002 to May 2007. The AFC System includes:

  • 105 buses equipped with validators, turnstiles and tariff zone switching devices;
  • 5 points of sale;
  • Depot System.

The AFC System in Ramenskoye is a "closed" type fare collection system (free access to the passenger compartment is restricted) with the cost of travel depending on the distance traveled.

The main features of the Automated Fare Collection System installed in"Ramenskoye" PMTE are:

  • Boarding (of passengers) through the front door of vehicle;
  • Each passenger must have a ticket suitable for the AFC system;
  • Automated ticket validity control on boarding;
  • Automated control of fare accuracy for the distance traveled on exit.

Implementation of the system enhanced fare collection:

  • by 1.5 times for urban routes
  • by 1.3 times for suburban routes