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Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro is one of the largest transport carriers in the world, serving over 3 billion passengers a year.  The transport network consists of 176 stations and 273 vestibules on 12 lines, with a total length of 292.2 km.
In September of 1997 the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System  set to work in the Moscow Metropolitan.  The system provided a substantial expansion of the range of services and fully automated fare collection control.
The AFC System of Moscow Metro includes:
  • 273 local networks,
  • More then 2200 validators,
  • 650 points of sale terminals,
  • More than 500 personal computers.
Data from the vestibules is collected, stored and processed at the Information Processing Center, rated at processing more than 10 million transactions per day.
About 450 kilometers of fibre networks were laid for data exchange.
The methods of fare payment in the AFC System of the Moscow Metro are contactless smart cards Mifare ® Standard 1K and Mifare ® Ultralight.