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Advantages for transport operators 

Changeover to Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System  gives public transport operators the following advantages:

  • Increased fare collection
The increase is due to the following factors:
    • Every passenger without a concession pays a fare
    • Even those passengers who use fake concession cards begin to pay
  • Substantiation of revenue owed from the municipal budget
Information obtained through AFC can change the funding mechanism for the transport industry - payments from the municipal budget are based on actual data rather than estimates of the number of passengers transported.
  • Upgraded passenger-service culture
Organization of fast delivery of passengers to metro stations, improvement of traffic schedules that reflect real passenger numbers will increase the service culture and as a result the loyalty of passengers to the transport operators.
  • Rational management of vehicle fleet
Redeployment of existing vehicle in line with accurate data on passenger traffic optimizes the use of the vehicle fleet of the transport operator.
  • Objective management of transport on routes
Detailed information from AFC about each stop on a route and the number of passengers by time of day makes it possible to manage the work of vehicle on a route, and thereby strengthen the labour discipline of drivers and to ensure regular traffic.
  • Attraction of qualified personnel
Equipping vehicle with modern computer hardware and providing material incentives to drivers based on work performance helps transport operators to recruit the most qualified personnel and reduce turnover.