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Advantages For Passengers

Transition of surface passenger transport to AFC brings a number of social advantages:

  • New, comfortable vehicle

Implementation of AFCS allows transport operators to buy new, comfortable vehicle.

  • Regular schedules

AFC makes it possible to monitor the work of transport on routes, thus allowing on-time route scheduling.

  • Reduced bus crowding

AFC analysis of passenger traffic allows optimization of the capacity of vehicle on a route by redeployment of existing vehicle during peak hours. This makes passenger transportation more comfortable.

  • Fast delivery of residents in remote districts to metro stations

The introduction of shortened and express routes to metro stations can halve the journey time.

  • Orderly boarding

Streamlining stops and ensuring compliance with the rules of boarding facilitates orderly access to the passenger compartment.

  • Safe boarding of passengers

Improvement in the organization of traffic ensures better circulation for public transport and the extension of stop points.

  • Convenient ticket purchase

314 new ticket kiosks, 8 mobile ticketing points

  • Fare savings

Implementation of AFC makes it possible to provide discounts for tickets of 5, 10 or 20 trips.