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Advantages For the Cities

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System is a system that contributes to the development of a city. AFC implementation provides a number of significant socio-economic effects:

  • Improvement in quality of passenger service

Implementing AFC enables regular public transport schedules, reduces operator’s workloads and improves traveling safety.

  • Improvement in funding of transport operators

Actual data on passenger journeys provided by AFC allow improved funding of transport operators.  Instead of just covering overall expenses, transport operators can offset the costs of providing services at concessional rates, which stimulates increased volumes and lower expenses.

  • Reporting and forecasting of revenues from the municipal budget

AFC accounts for the provision of transport services at concessional rates which allows accurate reporting to the municipal authorities and accurate prediction of revenues coming from the municipal budget.

  • Development planning and improvement of route network for surface public transport

AFC provides the city government with information about various segments of public transport and leads to predicting changes in passenger traffic due to the building of new residential neighborhoods, or social and cultural destinations.  Based on this information it is possible to make informed and balanced decisions about the development and change of the route network, redistribution of vehicles, etc.

  • A base for organising the passenger traffic market

The introduction of AFC creates a framework for organising the passenger transport market in a city served by different operators, regardless of their form of ownership. Knowing the structure and the cost of serving passenger traffic, one can assess its effectiveness and justify the cost of transporting passengers.